Published in Orange County Lawyer Magazine 2016, 2017

A Boutique public relations company

Anne Marie Cox

Founder, President

Over 20 years ago, Anne Marie started in the public relations industry with a focus on the

business-to-business markets and not-for-profit organizations. Starting in 2005,

Anne Marie launched a niche enterprise that was successful right out the gate until the recession of 2008. Prior to 2005, she worked with C-level executives and senior-level partners at some of the most prestigious and respectable national and international PR firms, business law firms and companies.  

From billion dollar companies to startups,  Anne Marie understands business challenges large and small. Her strengths in PR have garnered media results in print, digital and broadcast media. From the cover of USA Today to the New York Times and Wall Street Journal, Anne Marie has been instrumental in making sure the client's efforts became national news. 

Broadcast media includes major television networks: CNN, ABC, NBC and CBS. The list also includes: The Associated Press, Bloomberg News, Reuters,  USA Today and the Today Show, as well as numerous trade journals. Anne Marie received her Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism and Public Relations from Temple University in January 1999.